Religious education is what we are and do. Prayer is part of every class. Our students pray several times every day and attend Mass weekly. Students receive formal religious instruction each day, and religion classes emphasize family life, social justice, and Christian service. In all classes, gospel values are communicated.

Language Arts

Reading and writing skills emphasis begins in Kindergarten. The focus is on decoding skills (including phonics) in the primary grades, formal handwriting and spelling, and reference skills. Language arts skills are developed through storytelling and puppetry, literature based classes, pre-writing and editing, different forms of composition and literature, research for formal presentations such as plays, speeches and term papers, the use of library, and other enrichment activities such as Young Authors.


Our math program covers basic skills such as computation mastery, concepts and word problems as well as geometry, pre-algebra, and algebra. Math enrichment opportunities are available. Math skills are developed through drill, mental math, math manipulatives and math games.


Science is introduced in Kindergarten and begins with an emphasis on practical applications and the scientific method. Students explore through labs, hands-on activities, projects, research, field trips, and use of media.

Social Studies

Social Studies is introduced in Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Students learn about social structures, world and US history, basic economics, study of cultures, ancient and modern, government, and Indiana history through research, field trips, and the use of media.


Music is taught in grades Pre through 5. It is a comprehensive program based on state and national guidelines and includes music appreciation, rhythm, reading basic notation, the history of music, the variety of types of music, liturgical music, music programs, and the basic knowledge and use of simple instruments.


Spanish is taught in grades Pre through 8 and emphasizes vocabulary, basic grammar, usage, conversational phrases, elements of and appreciation for Hispanic culture (including some religious practices), and music.


Art is taught in all grades and is integrated with other subjects. The focus is on the use of various art media, art appreciation and history, and art displays.

Physical Education

Physical Education is taught in grades Pre through 8. The emphasis is on basic skills, movement, fair play, exercise, games, and the rules and skills of games.