Our program has a theme each month with special activities that coincide with our academic curriculum.  Some themes include fire safety, nutrition & dental health and our 5 senses.  Below is a basic overview of what our program offers.

Religious education– praying 3 times daily, weekly Bible lesson, songs and crafts, monthly virtue and an occasional field trip to the church

Math skills– number recognizing, sequencing, patterns, number words, spatial relationships, time, measurements, rhythms, the ability to reason, predict and problem solving through fun science experiments

Reading skills–alphabet recognizing, phonological awareness, word recognition, vocabulary through story time and activities

Social skills-learning to get along with others, following directions, sharing, manners, listening skills & taking turns

Fine motor skills– using scissors, writing, art, sensory tables (sand, play- doh, bird seed, corn & water play), finger plays, activities, felt board stories & crafts

Large motor skills– exercising in gym class, out door playground, movement to music, games, group activities/games, rhythm sticks, bean bag & parachute activities

Self help skills– cleaning up after play & snack, learning to button, zip, snap & tie shoes, & taking care of backpacks, coats & folders.

Computer skills– learning basic computer skills & terminology with academic games and iPad learning